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How Do You Prepare for Asphalt Paving Sitework?

When you choose asphalt as the material for your paving project, you can quickly have a durable pavement at an economical price. However, like many construction projects, the longevity of an asphalt pavement is directly related to proper preparation. A major part of preparing to install asphalt paving is the sitework that contractors must perform.

What Is Asphalt Paving Site Work?

In the broadest sense, sitework includes all tasks that contractors need to perform before, during, and after a construction project. Most Long Island asphalt paving contractors consider demolition and clearing, excavation, grading, subgrade stabilization, base construction, and paving as sitework.

Do Most Asphalt Contractors Perform Demolition and Clearing First?

Contractors need to have a good understanding of the terrain and the soil to design a great asphalt pavement. If the site has dense vegetation, an existing pavement, or obsolete structures, the asphalt contractor has a limited view of the site. Therefore, when preparing for asphalt paving on Long Island, the first step is virtually always to clear the site, then remove the debris.

What Excavations Might a Long Island Parking Lot Paving Company Perform?

There are a number of excavations that a contractor might perform when installing an asphalt parking lot. For example, it might be necessary for the installation of utilities for lighting, a landscaping sprinkler system, or a security system. Swales or other drainage features may require excavation.

What Is the Importance of Grading When Installing Asphalt Pavements?

Improper grading can result in a pavement that does not have the correct slope to shed water. Contractors typically perform a preliminary grading early in the installation.

Why Is Subgrade Stabilization Part of Site Work?

Your asphalt company will want to compact the ground on which the pavement will rest. If the soil is not suitable for compaction, a Long Island asphalt paving contractor will likely need to amend it. Soil amendments involve excavating to a certain depth, then replacing the soil with something more compactible.

Why Is the Construction of a Base Important for an Asphalt Pavement Installation?

Most asphalt paving on Long Island consists of a subgrade and base to provide adequate support to the pavement. The most common base consists of compacted gravel or rock. The asphalt company usually places a base coat of asphalt over the base layer to add strength and stability.

Is the Installation of the Asphalt Courses Part of Site Work?

Most asphalt paving companies consider the placement of compacted courses of asphalt as part of sitework. However, this is far from universal. Some contractors draw the line at the proof roll, but others consider rolling transitions as sitework. Still other contractors include the final roll as sitework.

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