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Five Interesting Facts About Commercial Asphalt Paving

It is impossible to underestimate the important role that the property’s pavements play in the success of a commercial enterprise. When walkways, parking lots, and drives are attractive and safe, visitors tend to form a favorable impression of you. If the condition of your pavements is subpar, visitors might perceive that your offerings are also subpar. If you want to ensure that your property extends a welcoming invitation, you might want to consider asphalt pavements. If so, you might be interested in five facts about commercial asphalt paving that your contractor may not have mentioned.

What Are Five Facts About Commercial Asphalt Paving That Contractors Should Tell You?

1. Asphalt is an environmentally friendly paving material.
2. Asphalt paving was first used many centuries ago.
3. Suffolk asphalt paving can last several decades if it receives adequate attention.
4. A commercial asphalt paving company can choose from several types of mixes.
5. The asphalt paving company you hire will play a critical role in the quality of your pavement.

Why Is Asphalt Considered an Environmentally Friendly Paving Material?

First of all, asphalt does not release contaminants into the soil or water system. In fact, asphalt is so safe that it is commonly used as a liner at fish hatcheries, reservoirs, and landfills. Furthermore, asphalt pavement is completely recyclable. By tonnage, more asphalt pavement is recycled annually in North America than the next four materials combined. The extensive recycling dramatically reduces the demand for new petroleum and energy to produce new paving materials.

Who Were the First People to Use Asphalt as a Paving Material?

The earliest examples of asphalt roadways that archaeologists have discovered date to approximately 625 B.C. Their location is in what we now know as Iraq and Iran, but the builders were the Babylonians. Although people used asphalt for many other purposes, they did not build asphalt roads for several centuries. The earliest examples of what modern people would recognize as an asphalt pavement date to the 1820s in Scotland.

What Kind of Attention Does an Asphalt Pavement Require to Have a Long Life?

You should keep your asphalt pavement clean by removing piles of leaves, trash, and other debris. You should also clean up any oil or other fluids that vehicles have leaked on your pavement. If cracks appear, you want to have your asphalt company repair them quickly. Your parking lot paving contractor probably advised you to sealcoat your pavement before it was 12 months old. You will need to repeat the treatment every two or three years. Another important thing that you can do to help your pavement last longer is to enforce load limits. For example, suppose you had a parking lot paving contractor build a lot for passenger vehicles only. If you allow heavy trucks to use it, the excessive weight can demolish your pavement in a relatively short time.

What Are Some Examples of Asphalt Mixes That a Nassau Paving Contractor Might Recommend?

Asphalt mixes can contain variable amounts of reclaimed materials as well as aggregates of different sizes or types. It is even possible to construct a pavement with porous asphalt. There are pros and cons to every type of mix. Therefore, you should choose a reputable Long Island asphalt paving contractor to advise you on the best mix for your specific needs.

Why Is the Choice of a Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor So Important?

As all reputable contractors know, they are the ones that customers will blame if anything goes wrong on a project. This is because most customers realize that the contractor hires and trains employees, selects materials and equipment, and plans the details. Reputable contractors do not accept jobs for which they lack the proper equipment or staffing to deliver superior results.

Trust Royal Pavement Solutions to Install, Repair, and Maintain Your Commercial Pavements

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