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No matter what type of building you own or manage, you undoubtedly work hard to ensure that your property makes a good first impression. You have your building’s exterior repainted when it needs it, you have a professional landscaping service maintain your trees and plants, and you keep your parking lot neat and clean. However, there are valuable services that you might be overlooking. At Royal Pavement Solutions, we can provide you with building maintenance services in Islip, Long Island that include bollard, traffic sign, speed bump, and wheel stop installations as well as power washing services.

Why Might I Want Bollard Installation Services?

Bollards can serve a variety of functions. When placed around buildings, bollards can help prevent drivers from accidentally parking too close to your sidewalk, thieves from deliberately ramming your building, or incapacitated drivers from crashing into your structure. You can also use bollards to close certain areas of your pavement to all vehicles, or you can use architectural bollards to enhance your curb appeal. Bollards can also be used as signposts for mounting permanent signage securely.

Why Might I Want Speed Bumps Installed?

Speed bumps are passive calming measures that are designed to slow the speed of vehicles without inflicting damage. Speed bumps are available in various styles and sizes, and we can help you select the right ones for your property, and we can then install them in the proper locations. Some popular locations for speed bumps include near crosswalks, on the entrance road to your parking lot, in school zones, around playgrounds or parks, and on the streets in gated communities.

Why Might I Want Wheel Stops Installed?

Wheel stops can help you enhance safety in your parking lot. Drivers receive assistance while parking their vehicles so that they do not leave them sticking out into the travel aisle. Since drivers cannot drive over a wheel stop without risking vehicle damage, drivers will need to back out of a space instead of pulling through the one in front. However, if wheel stops become misaligned or broken, they can potentially damage vehicles, trip pedestrians, or damage tires.

Why Might I Want Power Washing Services?

The appearance of your property’s exterior can either attract or repel potential visitors. Mildew, bird droppings, algae, rust, graffiti, mold, chewing gum, dirt, oil, and grease are just some examples that you may want removed. Common surfaces for power washing include sidewalks, drive-thru lanes, dumpster pads, signs, grease traps, pool decks, awnings, and building facades.

Why Might I Want Traffic Signs?

Whether you are responsible for a campus, an apartment complex, or a shopping mall, you will need at least a few traffic signs.

Let Royal Pavement Solutions Help With Your Building Maintenance Needs in Islip, Long Island

Whether you need building maintenance, sweeping and portering, asphalt paving, lot striping, asphalt sealcoating, concrete services, asphalt crack sealing, site work, asphalt patching and repair, or asphalt milling, the professionals at Royal Pavement Solutions can help. We are experienced and reliable, and we have an exemplary reputation and impeccable references. We serve all of Islip, Long Island, so request a free quote today by completing our online form. If you would rather call us, we can be reached at 631-237-9628.

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