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Parking Lot Striping Long Island

Whether you operate a retail store, a hotel, or a different type of business, your parking lot is one of your most important assets. You realize that a great parking lot can attract patrons, but an inferior lot can deter them. You may be proactive about cleaning and repairing your pavement, but these efforts may be insufficient if you are neglecting your lot striping.

Why Should I Worry About My Lot Striping?

Lot striping and markings can affect your operations in a variety of ways. Critically, your lot striping is an important part of your parking capacity, your lot’s safety, your legal compliance, and your property’s overall curb appeal.

How Does Lot Striping Affect Capacity?

Theoretically, the angle of the parking spaces can be virtually anything, but the most common angles chosen are 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees. The parking angle typically determines the minimum width of the traffic aisle as well as the total number of spaces that the lot can accommodate. For example, a parking angle of 90 degrees allows you to maximize the number of spaces that can fit within a given area, but this design also needs the widest traffic aisles to enable drivers to enter and exit the spaces. Angles of 45 degrees and 60 degrees make parking easier for drivers, but there will be some wasted space at the end or beginning of the row. In general, the lower the parking angle, the narrower the traffic aisle can be; sharper angles require wider aisles to accommodate the turning radius.

How Does Lot Striping Impact Safety?

When your lot is properly marked, drivers will find it easier to navigate. Polls have shown that almost 70% of the respondents admitted that they were texting or talking on their cell phones, fiddling with the radio or GPS system, or consuming a snack or beverage while they were driving through a parking lot. Driving while distracted is a leading cause of accidents, and, considering that roughly 20% of them happen in parking lots, anything that you can do to make your lot less confusing can also help enhance parking lot safety.

How Does Lot Striping Help Satisfy Legal Requirements?

Among other things, the ADA contains the guidelines for making your parking lot accessible to people with mobility issues, and some of the accessibility guidelines cover the striping and marking of handicapped spaces. In addition, some townships in the area have municipal fire or building codes that cover parking lot markings.

How Does Lot Striping Affect Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal can help you attract and retain patrons, so making sure that your parking lot is visually attractive is essential. If your lot lacks aesthetic appeal, potential patrons could choose to drive past your operation and continue on to your competition. Typically, within approximately two years, Long Island parking lot striping will be so faded or damaged that it detracts from your curb appeal.

Let Royal Pavement Solutions Help With Your Parking Lot Striping Needs in Islip, Long Island

Royal Pavement Solutions in Long Island specializes in the delivery of high-quality Parking Lot Striping services for Long Island commercial properties. In addition to lot striping, we offer asphalt paving, building maintenance, asphalt milling, site work, asphalt repair, sweeping and portering, asphalt sealcoating, concrete work, and asphalt crack sealing. We are known for exemplary customer service and exceptional craftsmanship. If you would like to request a free quote, call us at 844-777-7924 for Parking Lot Striping services in Islip, Long Island or you can simply fill out our online form.

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