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Asphalt Repair Long Island

Over time, asphalt pavements can deteriorate from daily exposure to sunlight, petrochemicals, and everyday wear. The asphalt binder that holds the aggregates in place can become dry or soft, and the pavement can develop potholes and alligator cracking. When this happens, Our Asphalt Repairs Contractor in Islip & Long Island at Royal Pavement Solutions can provide you with the best asphalt repair method for your particular pavement. Depending on numerous factors, we may recommend a skin patch, partial-depth patch, or full-depth patch for our clients on Long Island.

What Is a Full-Depth Patch for Asphalt Repair?

Asphalt pavements consist of multiple layers of compacted hot mix asphalt over compacted soil or an aggregate base. To perform a full-depth patch, we remove all layers of the asphalt to gain access to the base layers, and, if necessary, we can also remove the base layers. The base can be strengthened or repaired as needed. We then place and compact multiple layers of asphalt to restore the pavement to its original elevation. Because a full-depth patch involves the entire structure, it often leaves that area of the pavement stronger than when it was built. Full depth patching typically offers a permanent repair.

What Is Partial-Depth Patching?

Also known as a peel-and-pave asphalt repair, partial-depth patching requires the removal of just the layers that have suffered damage. The damage could extend to just the top few layers, or it could go all the way to the base coat. After the existing pavement is removed, we install fresh asphalt and compact it. Partial-depth patching can address a wide variety of problems, including those involving the weight or volume of traffic. A partial-depth patch is considered to be a long-lasting repair, but it is not considered a permanent repair.

What Is a Skin Patch?

A skin patch is also called a surface patch because it only addresses damage that is limited to the top one or two inches of the pavement. Skin patching can also resolve some drainage issues. Skin patches typically have much shorter lives than partial-depth patches, and they will almost always have shorter lives than full-depth patches. In the Long Island area, skin patches seldom last more than two years before they need to be replaced, so we consider them to be a temporary repair.

Which Asphalt Repair Is Best?

No patching method is ideal for every pavement or client, so we match the method to the pavement and the client’s plans. Therefore, we cannot recommend a method until we assess your pavement and discuss your goals. However, any patch is better than leaving an open break that can allow water and petrochemicals to wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your pavement.

Allow Royal Pavement Solutions to Recommend the Appropriate Long Island Asphalt Repair for Your Specific Pavement

We are a highly experienced paving company in Islip, Long Island with an exemplary reputation for quality and service. In addition to asphalt repairs, we offer asphalt sealcoating, crack sealing, lot striping, concrete work, asphalt milling, asphalt paving, site work, building maintenance, and sweeping and portering to our Long Island clients. To request a free quote, call 844-777-7924 for Asphalt Repair services in Islip & Long Island, or you can fill out the online form if you prefer.

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