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Asphalt Repair Long Island Services

Asphalt Repair Long Island Services

At Royal Pavement Solutions, we specialize in repairing all types of asphalt damage. We can effortlessly handle any type of job, be it a large pothole repair or a small crack. If one of your parking lots needs assistance with asphalt repair, please contact us here.

What is Asphalt Repair?

Asphalt repair can be complex. Not every asphalt repair is going to look the same.

Over time, asphalt pavements can worsen from daily exposure to sunlight, chemicals derived from petroleum, and everyday wear. This deterioration process usually begins with the asphalt binder. Asphalt binder holds the aggregates in place. The asphalt binder can dry up or become too soft, causing potholes and cracking on the pavement.

When these issues persist, Royal Pavement Solutions offers top-notch asphalt repair services in Islip and Long Island. The most common asphalt repair is patching. Our expert contractors will determine the best repair method for your specific pavement needs. We may suggest a skin patch, partial-depth patch, or full-depth patch based on various factors.

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What Is A Full-Depth Patch For Asphalt Repair?

Asphalt pavements consist of multiple layers of compacted hot mix asphalt over compacted soil or an aggregate base. For a complete patch, we take out all the asphalt layers to reach the base layers. If required, we can also remove the base layers and strengthen or repair them as necessary. This is usually the most recommended method, so your asphalt is on a brand-new base.

We then place and compact multiple layers of asphalt to restore the pavement to its original elevation. A full-depth patch involves repairing the entire structure of the pavement. This often results in the area being stronger than it was when originally built. Full-depth patching typically offers a permanent repair.

Removing Full Base: Paving and Patching Combined:

What Is Partial-Depth Patching?

A damaged pavement requires one of two methods for repair: partial-depth patching or peel-and-pave asphalt. To fix the damage, it’s necessary to remove the affected layers of pavement. The extent of the damage could vary, ranging from the top few layers to the base coat.

Then, we lay down new asphalt and compress it to create a smooth surface. Partial-depth patching can address a wide variety of problems, including those involving the weight or volume of traffic. The partial-depth patch is a durable repair and is not a permanent solution.

What Is a Skin Patch?

Skin patches are a type of pavement repair that only fix damage on the top of the pavement. This could be one or two inches of the surface. Skin patching can also resolve some drainage issues.

Skin patches usually have shorter lifespans compared to partial-depth patches. In fact, they tend to have much shorter lifespans compared to full-depth patches. Skin patches in the Long Island area typically require replacement within two years, indicating a shallow depth.

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Which Asphalt Repair Is Best?

We understand that no pavement or client is the same. Asphalt pavements are different in every parking lot because each parking lot is unique. This is why we carefully choose the patching method that best fits both the pavement and the client’s plans. Therefore, we cannot recommend a method until we assess your pavement and discuss your goals.

Please do not wait to get your asphalt repair checked out and diagnosed by an asphalt contractor. It is better to avoid leaving any open breaks in your pavement.

Having open breaks in your asphalt can allow water and chemicals from petroleum to damage its structural integrity. This is why it is important to address the issues and breaks in asphalt immediately. You may consider consulting Royal Pavement for assistance.

The Best Way to Apply Tack For Patchwork:

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How Can I Prevent My Pavement From Needing Asphalt Repair?

It is inevitable that you will need some type of asphalt repair in your parking lot. There are several preventive measures that can help extend the life of your asphalt pavement. For example, regular inspection of your parking lot is necessary. As a property owner, you might consider monthly inspections to get ahead of any small repairs.

For more repair tips about your asphalt pavement, please visit our blog here.

Allow Royal Pavement Solutions To Recommend The Appropriate Long Island Asphalt Repair For Your Specific Pavement

We are a highly experienced paving company in Islip, Long Island with an exemplary reputation for quality and service. We offer asphalt sealcoatingcrack sealinglot striping, and concrete work. Additionally, asphalt millingasphalt pavingsite workbuilding maintenance, and sweeping and portering.

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