asphalt paving contractors islip, suffolk county, Long IslandAsphalt pavements are known for their cost-effectiveness, beauty, and longevity, and asphalt is such a versatile material that it can be used to construct virtually any type of pavement. Regardless of whether you manage a hotel, shopping center, restaurant, or other commercial enterprise, Royal Pavement Solutions can provide you with superior asphalt paving services in Islip, Long Island.

Why Is Asphalt Paving a Great Choice for Commercial Pavements?

Asphalt paving is efficient, and, on a project of average size, the pavement can be constructed and opened within two or three days. Asphalt delivers a quiet, smooth ride that reduces noise levels for the occupants of the vehicles as well as for those living or working nearby. The dark color of the pavement reduces glare, enhancing safety. When the pavement needs to be repaired or maintained, the services are typically economical and fast, minimizing disruptions to traffic or business operations. Asphalt also offers exceptional traction, reducing the chances that vehicles might go into a skid or that pedestrians might slip and fall.

What Is the Process for Installing Asphalt Paving?

The process that we follow can vary, but here are the basic steps that we use on a typical asphalt paving project.

  • If the land has never been developed, we may need to clear it of unwanted vegetation, perform a preliminary grading, or install underground drains or utilities.
  • If there are existing pavements or structures, we may need to remove them.
  • Depending on the properties of the soil, we may need to amend it, or we may need to construct an aggregate base.
  • If we need to install a base coat, we will place this layer of asphalt next.
  • We will then install the number of asphalt layers necessary to build up the pavement to the depth specified in the design, compacting each layer before placing the asphalt for the next one.
  • Typically, the last layer is the top coat, which is sometimes called the surface course since this is the layer on which vehicles will drive or pedestrians will walk.
  • We will smooth transitions and butt joints to ensure proper drainage and eliminate rough changes or tripping hazards.
  • Next, we will use a roller truck to perform a final roll to make sure that there are no stones poking through and ensure that the pavement has no small clumps of aggregate.
  • To complete the project, we typically inspect the pavement with you to verify that you are satisfied with your new asphalt paving.

Let Royal Pavement Solutions Help With Your Asphalt Paving Needs in Islip, Long Island

Whether you need asphalt paving, site work, asphalt repair, building maintenance, asphalt milling, concrete work, asphalt sealcoating, lot striping, asphalt crack sealing, or sweeping and portering, we can provide you with work of the highest quality in a cost-effective manner. We have the experience and skills to complete commercial projects of all sizes. If you would like to ask us to provide you with a free quote, you can submit the online form, or you can contact us at 844-777-7924 for Asphalt Paving service in Long Island & Islip, if you prefer to speak with one of our knowledgeable and helpful representatives.

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