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How Do I Get the Most Value From My Parking Lot?

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How long will my new parking lot last

Value is an interesting word. It can be used to assign a monetary amount, imply an individual’s perception of something’s merit, assess the benefit of something to the onlooker, or describe numerous other estimates of usefulness, practicality, worth, or significance. You might not realize it, but the value of your parking lot can be interpreted in strictly financial terms as well as in terms of how your business is perceived.

How Does My Parking Lot Affect The Way My Business Is Perceived?

A well-maintained, attractive parking lot can create an impression of safety that can extend to a perception that your goods or services will also be sound purchases. On the other hand, an ugly, damaged parking lot can generate a completely different perception. If you cannot be bothered to take care of your parking lot, potential customers may question whether you will demonstrate the same lack of interest in all of your business dealings.

How Does The Condition Of My Parking Lot Impact My Finances?

The perception held by potential and current customers can impact their behaviors. Potential customers may simply choose to spend their money elsewhere, and current customers may feel entitled to make unreasonable demands, spend less, or share their negative opinions with their acquaintances. A deteriorated parking lot can cause your property values to fall, and this can impact your finances. If you want to sell your property, it may be impossible for you to realize your desired asking price. If you operate a shopping center, apartment complex, or hotel, you may find that the poor condition of your parking lot leads people to believe that you are overcharging. Perhaps more significantly, a poorly maintained parking lot is going to cost you substantially more for repairs, and you will need to reconstruct the lot many years before it should have been necessary.

The Value Of A Parking Lot In Good Condition

First and foremost, retain the services of an experienced paving contractor with a great reputation. Request a complete assessment of your parking lot’s current condition and a recommended maintenance schedule. Based on the age and condition of your pavement, your maintenance schedule should include the following procedures.

1. Immediately after the initial assessment, have your contractor repair all potholes and significant cracks. Have your contractor return every spring and autumn to repair any new damage.

2. Sealcoat your parking lot every two to three years. Make sure that the sealcoating procedure is not performed until cracks and other damages are repaired.

3. Repaint your stripes and pavement markings after sealcoating. In between sealcoating applications, you may need to repaint damaged or faded markings.

4. Keep an eye on your parking lot by inspecting it yourself once or twice a month. Look for new cracks, clogged storm drains, weeds or debris, oil stains, snowplow damage, standing water, and rutting, raveling, or other signs of pavement distress. Check for damaged curbs and car stops, and ask your contractor to make the necessary repairs.

At Royal Pavement Solutions, we focus on helping people obtain the greatest value from their paving expenditures. Whether you need concrete workasphalt pavingsealcoatingasphalt repairsparking lot stripingsite work, or asphalt milling, our experienced team members are ready to deliver exceptional work. Over the years, we have built an impeccable reputation, and we have an extensive list of references to attest to our service, craftsmanship, and professionalism. Request your free quote today by submitting our online form. You can also call 844-777-7924.

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