concrete flatwork repair islip, suffolk county, Long IslandAlthough asphalt paving is comparatively inexpensive and rapid, there are some projects that really need concrete. Whether you need concrete flatwork as part of your site work, to replace an existing pavement, or to expand or modify your property, Royal Pavement Solutions has professionals who can install or repair your concrete Flatwork in Islip, Long Island.

What Is Concrete Flatwork?

Basically, if a pavement is flat and made from concrete, it is considered flatwork. This includes sidewalks and pads, but it also includes ramps and curbs.

How Is Concrete Flatwork Installed?

Although the specifics can vary, there are certain basic steps that we follow when installing concrete flatwork.

1. We assess the ground on which the concrete pavement will be installed. Different soils can react differently to changes in their moisture level as well as temperature fluctuations.

2. If the soil is unsuitable, we may need to remove some of it, and then replace it with something more appropriate. If the soil is sufficient, we will compact it to create a strong, level surface on which to install the concrete. In some cases, we may also install a base between the concrete and the soil.

3. We build or place forms to hold the concrete slurry in place after it is poured. If the specifications call for reinforced concrete, we will install mesh or rebar.

4. The concrete mix is poured into the forms, then smoothed to ensure that it is level. The surface is then worked to provide either a smooth or textured finish.

5. The forms are left in place until the concrete has set. However, removing the forms does not necessarily indicate that the pavement is ready to be used.

How Is Concrete Repaired?

The type of repair method depends on the nature of the damage, but there are three basic methods.

1. If there are cracks in the concrete, it may be possible to patch them.

2. If slabs have subsided, we may be able to lift them with a method known as mudjacking. In simple terms, mudjacking involves pumping material beneath the slab to elevate it.

3. If slabs have become vertically or horizontally misaligned, the best repair method is typically to remove the slab and replace it.

Are Concrete Repairs Really Necessary?

Cracks and misaligned slabs can trip pedestrians, cause cyclists to crash, and inflict damage on cars and trucks. They also detract from the appearance of the pavement. If gutters and curbs go without repairs, you may encounter problems with proper drainage. Furthermore, damaged concrete can lead to your property falling out of compliance with the ADA or local codes. Skipping your concrete repairs could result in fines, or you could find yourself embroiled in a lawsuit over a personal injury or damaged vehicle.

Let Royal Pavement Solutions Help With Your Concrete Flatwork Needs in Islip, Long Island

Royal Pavement Solutions in Long Island is a highly respected company with an exemplary reputation for delivering results of the highest quality to clients throughout Long Island. In addition to concrete flatwork and concrete repairs, we offer site work, asphalt paving, lot striping, asphalt milling, sweeping and portering, asphalt repair, building maintenance, asphalt sealcoating, and asphalt crack sealing. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote if you will submit our online form. If you prefer, you can reach our headquarters in Islip at 844-777-7924 for Concrete Flatwork in Islip, Long Island.

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