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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Long Island Asphalt Company

Long Island Asphalt Company
Asphalt has become the leading paving choice on Long Island for many different reasons. It produces a visually attractive pavement that is also durable. Asphalt costs less than concrete to install, and it is also faster to install, repair, and maintain. However, to obtain the best results, you need to hire the right Long Island asphalt company to handle your project. Here are some questions you can ask to help you determine whether an asphalt contractor is the right choice.

How Long Have You Been Paving on Long Island?

Although the contractor’s total experience matters, it is often more important to determine how much of that experience is local. A paving company in Las Vegas, for example, faces different challenges than a Long Island asphalt paving company. Many of these challenges relate to the difference in the weather. Speaking of the weather, Long Island has some weather-related quirks that contractors may not encounter elsewhere. For example, on any given day, the weather on the north and south ends of Long Island can be drastically different. You want to hire an asphalt paving company with a thorough understanding of the local conditions.

What Paving Services Do You Offer?

You want to know the specific services that the asphalt paving company offers on Long Island. You also want to know a rough estimate of the percentage of the contractor’s work each service represents. For example, suppose you need a contractor to construct a new parking lot. You probably should not hire one who devotes 99% of his business to installing asphalt overlays on residential driveways.

Can You Provide Me With References for Jobs You Completed as a Long Island Asphalt Company?

An experienced contractor will have a long list of satisfied customers, and a reputable contractor will be delighted to have you contact them. Look for jobs that are similar to your own project, and prioritize the ones that are on Long Island. When you call the references, ask about the contractor’s workmanship, attitude, dependability, and professionalism.

What Insurance Do You Carry?

An asphalt paving company should carry workers’ compensation insurance that covers all of his employees who will be on your property. The paving company should also carry at least the state minimum requirements for vehicle liability insurance. A general liability policy is also a necessity, and the policy limit should be $500,000 or more. If the contractor carries umbrella insurance with a limit of $1 million or more, you will have even more protection.

Do You Own the Equipment You Will Need for My Project?

A contractor needs access to the right equipment for paving on Long Island, but it must be in good working order. If the contractor owns the equipment, it is more likely to be well-maintained, so there is less chance of it breaking down mid-project. If the contractor plans to rent, it is possible that the right equipment may not be available when needed.

As a Long Island Asphalt Company, What Are the Specific Steps You Will Take on My Project?

Your contractor should be able to explain every phase of your project in great detail without resorting to confusing industry jargon. A trustworthy asphalt company can also explain why it recommends a specific product, including the asphalt type. Furthermore, a reputable contractor will take as much time as necessary to answer your questions and ensure that you understand the process.

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