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Asphalt Paving – What Long Island Property Managers Need to Know!

Being a Long Island property manager can be a challenging occupation. Regardless of whether your primary purpose is to serve tenants, customers, residents, or the general public, you bear many responsibilities. However, most of your responsibilities can be encapsulated in a single directive, which is that you have a duty to protect the interests of the property owner or other stakeholders. As such, you are responsible for ensuring that all assets, including the property’s pavements, yield an acceptable return on the owner’s investment. Unfortunately, unless you are a paving expert, you may not know the best way to fulfill this obligation when it involves asphalt paving.

What Are the Key Points That Long Island Property Managers Should Know About Asphalt Paving?

As a paving material, asphalt offers many benefits, including its environmental friendliness. To get the most out of an asphalt overlay or new construction, you should be aware of the following five points.

1. Long Island asphalt paving needs a little maintenance to achieve a long life.
2. Your pavement will only be as good as the asphalt paving company that installs it.
3. Asphalt maintenance is typically fast and inexpensive, and proper paving maintenance can save you thousands in repairs.
4. Proactive paving maintenance can help you ensure that your aging paving can be resurfaced with an asphalt overlay instead of requiring a reconstruction.
5. Compared to concrete, parking lot paving contractors can install an asphalt pavement faster and at a substantially lower cost.

What Kind of Maintenance Does Paving Need?

The exact maintenance your pavement will need will depend on its usage, age, and other factors. However, most Long Island asphalt paving companies recommend prioritizing crack repairs and sealcoating. Parking lot paving contractors typically advise property owners to repair cracks as soon as they form; if that is not possible, then crack repairs should be performed every autumn and every spring. Long Island parking lots usually need sealcoating applied every two years, but your pavement may need a different schedule.

Why Should Long Island Property Managers Pay Careful Attention to Their Choice of an Asphalt Company?

Installing an asphalt pavement often looks simple and straightforward, but that is usually not the case. There are many steps that must be completed to construct or resurface an asphalt pavement, and an error at any stage can result in a pavement that will have a short life, require frequent and costly repairs, and detract from the property’s aesthetics.

How Does Proactive Paving Maintenance Help Protect the Ability to Install an Asphalt Overlay?

Overlays can provide a new surface that looks and performs essentially the same as a rebuilt pavement, but they cost substantially less. However, if resurfacing is to be cost-effective, the base supporting the pavement cannot have widespread damage. The leading cause of base damage is water that has leaked through open cracks and weakened the base. In turn, the weakened, destabilized base allows the pavement to develop alligator cracking and significant potholes.

Why Does Speed and Cost Matter for Long Island Asphalt Paving?

Your pavement serves no purpose until you can put it into use. An asphalt company can build a new pavement in less time than it would take to construct a comparable concrete pavement, and the asphalt will require a shorter curing time, allowing you to start using it much sooner. As for cost, parking lot paving contractors typically estimate that an asphalt pavement is at least half the price of a comparable concrete one.

At Royal Pavement Solutions, We Treat All Our Clients Like Royalty

We are the leading asphalt maintenance and paving contractor serving Long Island. Our services include asphalt repair and paving, asphalt milling, asphalt crack repair, lot striping, site work, asphalt sealcoating, building maintenance, concrete work, and sweeping and portering. We have a superb reputation for craftsmanship, service, and integrity. To receive a free quote, simply complete the online request form, or give us a call at 844-777-7924.

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