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Employee Dedication Runs Deep at Royal Pavement Solutions

Regardless of the industry, successful businesses typically have one thing in common: great employees. At Royal Pavement Solutions, we know that we have some of the best in any business.

Employee Dedication Runs Deep at Royal Pavement Solutions

Prior to founding Royal Pavement Solutions, Kenny Roy started working for his grandfather’s paving company at a very young age during summer vacations. Initially, he was assigned to floor duty in the shop, but he learned and filled various functions in the company as he progressed to field work and estimating. A private equity group purchased the family company, however, and it was eventually closed. Kenny then created his own team and opened a pavement maintenance business in 2019.

What Is the Key to the Success of Royal Pavement Solutions?

Kenny gives all the credit for the company’s success to his employees, which currently number 17 carefully selected individuals. Some of Kenny’s employees worked for his grandfather, and he handpicked them for his team when his grandfather’s business was dissolved. For example, Donna, Kenny’s office manager, has known him all his life and has been with the family for 34 years. In today’s world, many companies struggle to find dedicated employees, but dedication runs quite deep at Royal Pavement Solutions.

Does RPS Face the Same Type of Challenges Most Paving Companies Face With Employee Turnover?

Kenny states that one of the company’s strengths is the ability to retain their employees, and this is a great source of pride for him. He further states that the entire team possesses a true passion for the paving industry, and he notes that every employee shares a commitment to delivering exceptional work to every customer on every job. Although Kenny admits that the company could serve more customers by hiring more employees, he is not willing to hire just any candidate. Kenny and his team seek to build long-lasting relationships with the company’s clients, and he knows that this requires serving them appropriately, giving them the most value for their money, and being willing to go the extra mile whenever it is necessary. Therefore, he only expands his team when he finds strong candidates who are also a good fit for the business and its company culture.

What Services Does Royal Pavement Solutions Offer to Long Island Customers?

Royal Pavement Solutions offers an extensive list of paving services, including asphalt paving, parking lot striping, asphalt milling, sweeping and portering, asphalt crack repair, sealcoating, building maintenance, site work, concrete work, and asphalt repair, to customers in every Long Island community. Kenny credits his employees for the company’s exemplary reputation for extraordinary results and superb customer service on every job. If you would like to experience the difference that Kenny and his team can make, submit the online form to request a free quote at absolutely no obligation to you. You can also call 844-777-7924 to make your request, or if you have questions that you need answered about any of the services that the company offers.

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