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What Are the Elements That Can Damage Asphalt Parking Lots?

Asphalt is the most popular paving choice in North America for valid reasons. Asphalt pavements are comparatively fast and economical to construct, have a great deal of visual appeal, are safer for vehicles and pedestrians, and are easy to maintain. However, maintenance is critical if you want your asphalt pavement to last as it should. Your asphalt parking lot is under constant attack from the elements, and a proactive maintenance plan is the best way to defend your pavement.

The Two Elements Damaging You Asphalt Pavement

Sunlight and water are the two enemies that pose the worst threats to asphalt pavements. The ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun dries out the binder that acts as the glue to hold your pavement together. Once the binder has been destroyed, your pavement will deteriorate rapidly. Water, the second formidable enemy of asphalt parking lots, can inflict damage in both its liquid and solid states. As a liquid, water can penetrate under the edges of the pavement, around drains, or through cracks and other openings. The water will progress through all layers of the pavement until it reaches the base. An eroded, destabilized base loses its ability to support the pavement properly, and potholes, alligator cracks, sinkholes, and other damage will occur. In the winter, the subsurface water can freeze, and the expanding ice will lead to heaving as well as additional damage to the base and pavement.

How Do I Protect My Parking Lot From The Elements?

If you want to protect your parking lot’s health and appearance, there are three things that you should do.

1. Keep it clean. Dead leaves, trash, grass clippings, gravel, and other debris trap water next to the pavement, increasing the likelihood the water will find a way to penetrate the surface. Spots of oil, brake fluid, gas, and other automotive chemicals should be cleaned up to prevent them from leaving soft spots in the pavement.

2. Repair cracks quickly. Cracks have a habit of continuing to grow, spawning more cracks and potholes. At Royal Pavement Solutions, we recommend using a traffic-rated rubberized material for crack repairs so that the material can expand and contract when temperatures fluctuate without breaking the bond between the material and the walls of the crack. Our crews are highly experienced at prepping the cracks to ensure cleanliness of the areas, which is essential for the formation of a strong bond, and applying the material in an efficient, cost-effective manner. This type of maintenance will help preserve the life of your parking lot and save you money on additional repairs.

3. Maintain your sealcoating. Sealcoating serves a dual purpose. First, it screens out UV rays to protect against drying and fading, and it also helps protect against water penetration and damage from automotive fluids. Second, it returns the color of faded asphalt to its original dark state, and it conceals minor imperfections to give the pavement a smoother appearance.

If you would like to learn more about caring for your asphalt pavement, contact the experts at Royal Pavement Solutions. We are a well-respected company with an impeccable reputation. Our services include asphalt maintenancemillingasphalt paving and repair, parking lot marking and striping, site work, and concrete repair and installation. You can call our office at 844-777-7924, or you can submit your request for a free quote online by filling out our online form.

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