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When Is the Best Time to Perform Asphalt Patchwork?

Asphalt PatchworkAn asphalt parking lot is attractive and economical, and it can serve you for many years if you take care of it. Basic asphalt maintenance procedures play essential roles in keeping your pavement healthy, safe, and visually appealing. However, it is also important to include asphalt patchwork in your parking lot maintenance plan.

What Are the Basic Parking Lot Maintenance Procedures?

Asphalt paving on Long Island must resist natural forces, high volumes of traffic, and a mix of lightweight and heavy vehicles. The basic maintenance procedures are intended to help your pavement shrug off the things that can age it prematurely.

1. Sealcoating Islip and Long Island pavements is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect against damage. It also makes the pavement more attractive. Sealcoating contractors usually perform an initial application within a pavement’s first year of life, then reapply a sealcoat every other year.
2. Asphalt crack repairs are one category of paving repairs that is also considered routine maintenance. Preventing water from reaching and damaging the foundation is critical if you want your pavement to have a long life. Asphalt cracks should be repaired at least every six months.
3. Parking lot striping helps make your property safer and more orderly. It is also part of making your parking lot compliant with the laws covering accessibility. The best time to repaint your parking lot is immediately after sealcoating.
4. A clean asphalt pavement is less likely to incur damage. Sweep your parking lot as often as you need to keep it free from trash and debris. Remove any vehicle fluids that have dripped onto your pavement at least once every six months.

What Is Asphalt Patchwork?

Patchwork is a type of asphalt repair that can take care of damage that is beyond the scope of crack filling and other minor paving repairs. Although potholes are the most common target of an asphalt patchwork repair, patchwork can repair a number of other types of damage. Some instances of alligator cracking can be repaired by patching them. Edge cracks and birdbaths are also potential candidates for patching.

Why Should Asphalt Patchwork Be Part of a Parking Lot Maintenance Plan?

One of the primary goals of an asphalt maintenance program is to reduce the chances of severe pavement damage. The more water that can enter through a pavement break, the greater the damage it will do. Potholes, excessively wide or deep cracks, and alligator cracking all have the potential to allow a great deal of water to work its way to the foundation.

When Is the Best Season to Perform Asphalt Patching?

Typically, the best time of year for paving on Long Island is between late April and early October. Many contractors also consider this time frame to be the best for asphalt patchwork and other paving repairs. However, if you need an asphalt repair, you should always ask whether it is possible before assuming that you will need to wait several months.

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