Bid Procurement

We solicit a bid package that is designed to get you the best possible results, both in terms of price and quality of work. Using our experience as former contractors, we generate an RFP that consistently gets the best contractor for the best price.

Written Scope of Work

Written scopes of work that clearly define the work to be performed are essential to getting the best job complete. These scopes come complete with quantities and standards to get all contractors bidding on the same thing. The scopes are also written to protect the best interest of our clients, helping them to get exactly what they are paying for.



Contractor Vetting

Getting the right contractor on your job is paramount to a successful outcome. We are backed by a large network of contractors ready to perform. We fully understand where each contractor’s strengths are, allowing us to hand pick the best fits for your job. We are also happy, and welcome the opportunity, to work with any contractors already in your database.



Pre-Con Walkthrough

Pre-construction walkthroughs greatly improve the outcome of a project. We qualify that each contractor fully understands what is to be expected of them prior to starting. Any remaining questions are addressed.




Getting the best possible price on each project is the goal. Our background as contractors gives us a unique leverage to negotiating the best price and terms for our clients.